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Assalamualaikum :)

Hai korang. Jom buat duit dengan scroll article dalam phone je, daripada kita scroll Twitter, Instagram, Facebook tapi tak dapat duit, baik kita scroll cashzine je. Scroll2 pun boleh dapat duit.

Scroll > Read > Collect coins > Cash


Step 1 : Download apps CASHZINE dalam Appstore / Playstore

Step 2 : Daftar guna email atau nombor telefon dan aktifkan id anda

Step 3 : Wajib masukkan invitation code 1316045 dan baca satu article untuk dapatkan 8000 coins percuma (1 article dapat 50 coins)

Step 4 : Tebus coins yang terkumpul kepada wang ringgit

Step 5 : Coins anda akan dibayar sepenuhnya oleh Cashzine melalui akaun bank anda
Senang je kan nak dapat duit?? Duduk or baring2 scroll phone pun duit boleh masuk :D
Jangan lupa masukkan invitation code 1316045 untuk dapatkan 8000 coins percuma!!!
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Hai!! 🎔
Have you guys seen Everything Everything movie? I swear this movie best gila. Do I sound exaggerating? lol. Basically its about a girl trapped in her house for 17 years and ended up falling in love with her neighbor.
Kenapa dia tak keluar rumah lansung? Yes lansung tak keluar rumah okay haha. Then this is why you should watch this movie. That guy, the one in the picture, is freaking lovely! funny how someone been trapped for years like couldnt even go outside but Still managed to get herself a respectful man. Im so lonely haha
Well if i keep going i will probably end up telling you guys the whole story lol so... I do find it amazing. This movie worth the views :)

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